12 values ​​and beliefs that guide your life [list examples] (2023)

This article describes examples of values ​​and beliefs in your daily life. I also list core values ​​and beliefs in everyday life, their definitions and my personal beliefs. What values ​​and beliefs guided you?

“Every decision you make in life is driven by your values ​​and beliefs.” -Toni Robbins

Values ​​and beliefs that guide your life

Personal values ​​and beliefs drive our daily actions, from the time we wake up to the time we go to sleep. What values ​​and beliefs have guided you throughout your life?

Every generation, religion, and culture has its values ​​and beliefs, but core beliefs and values ​​should endure indefinitely in a healthy society.

Values ​​and beliefs are essential concepts that make you who you are. Although similar, these two things determine behavior and feelings towards others.

Values ​​x Beliefs

Values ​​and Beliefs: How we see the world

How we see the world and how people see us is strongly influenced by our beliefs. We have beliefs about ourselves, other people, love, money, emotions and relationships.

Most of the time, we assume our beliefs are true, as unchanging facts about the world. However, from an energy point of view, nothing could be further from the truth.

Each time you learn something, new beliefs are created and old ones are removed. However, the feeling that your current beliefs are true remains intact.

That's pretty funny when you think about it. Your old beliefs were true, then you changed them, and now your new beliefs are true... at least until you change them again... and decide that something else is true.

This works because the world responds to your beliefs. Everything you believe to be true is even more true for you as long as you hold on to that belief.

This is great when our beliefs serve you, but it can be frustrating when they don't. This is especially true of our first impressions and reputation, our belief that everyone reads even when we don't want to.

When you understand how beliefs work energetically, you can begin to clear your old patterns, clear your presentation to others, and create new experiences in all areas of your life. –jeffrey allen

Definition of values ​​and beliefs

  1. The definition of values: Principles or rules of conduct of a person; the judgment of what is essential in life. Values ​​are stable, enduring beliefs about what is essential to a person.
  2. The definition of beliefs:Confidence in the truth or existence of something that is not immediately amenable to rigorous proof. An idea that a person believes to be valid.

Values ​​have to do with a person's principles or standards of behavior, while beliefs are a firm belief that something is true or real.

Have you thought about your beliefs and value system lately?

  • What about your personal values ​​and what about your cultural values?
  • What about your core beliefs?
  • What human values ​​do you follow in your daily life?
  • How do your demands shape your everyday life?

Values ​​are essential to living a life that is unique to you. However, people can often go against your standards to satisfy their personal needs.

An example would be doing a job you don't like; However, they hate not eating more.

Values ​​are fundamental for individuals and for society because they help us form parameters for our life choices. If you value a clean home, make sure your home is spotless no matter how busy you are.

Beliefs are fundamental because they influence our attitudes, actions and personal behavior, affecting our lives for better or for worse.

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core values

Our moral philosophy guides our values, what is important to us and what is not important to us, and our values ​​guide our choices, actions and beliefs. Therefore, moral philosophy applies to everything in our lives.”-marcus manson

Many of us were taught at a young age that we have certain personal standards of behavior and that our moral system reflects the kind of people we are. They are defined by our family, friends, teachers and the environment.

They reflected what our family or role models thought was important in life. A value system can move people forward in life, make good decisions, and feel proud of who they are.

As we got older and entered puberty, many began to rebel against what we were taught.

We questioned our core values ​​and began to listen to our peers and the outside world. Some of us, but not all, may have succumbed to outside influences and made bad decisions that changed the course of our lives. Perhaps we have lost sight of our true selves.

We may have strayed from our core values ​​and given in to choices that caused ourselves and others pain. We may have given in to our needs or desires at the expense of healthy living.

The world is a mirror of our values ​​and beliefs.

Different values ​​and beliefs.

Just as your car runs smoother and requires less energy to go faster and further when your wheels are perfectly aligned, you perform better when your thoughts, feelings, emotions, goals and values ​​are in balance.”-Brian Tracy

Sometimes it was a brief burst of experimentation; sometimes it was much more. Yes wedecide to change our livesIn something more meaningful, many of those original core values ​​that we once thought were important can become the foundation for a better life.

Different social groups have different cultural value systems for their way of life. For example, a football player might have different values ​​than a doctor, and a teacher might have different values ​​than her students.

A teenager in the 1960s may have different standards than a teenager today, and scientists may have different morals from a leader.

Ethical values ​​work for you at a certain point in your life. You guysknow when your valuesthey work for you because they talk to you. Different cultures value different things in their society.

Your values ​​can change as your life changes, and they can be a roadmap to guide you through life.

You will move in a more determined direction and your decisions will be based on your values.help you reach your goals.We are constantly learning and changing, and our values ​​can be adapted to our new life purpose.

Can values ​​change over time?

Yes, a person's values ​​can change over time. When I was younger, I emphasized my outer experiences, like my clothes and my hair.

As I got older, I found that it was more important to work on myself and less on how the world judges me based on how I look.

While some values ​​may stay with you throughout your life, many will change depending on where you are on your life journey.

What are moral values?

Morality deals with the principles of right and wrong behavior and the goodness or badness of human character. Moral values ​​have to do with appropriate behavior and moral values ​​are subjective.

I would say don't harm others; However, it is not immoral to defend yourself when someone physically hurts you.

Examples of moral values ​​are:

  • To be honest
  • reliability
  • be a team player
  • practice what you preach
  • family first
  • Don't take anything that doesn't belong to you.

Examples of Lists of Values ​​and Beliefs

Since belief determines behavior, it makes no sense that we teach ethical and moral values ​​in every home and school across America.?” –zig ziglar

Here is a list of examples of values ​​and beliefs. We all have different values/beliefs/preferences and what you believe and see as necessary, acceptable or desirable is an integral part of who you are.

  1. Responsibility
  2. recognition
  3. authenticity
  4. creativity
  5. reliability
  6. Focus
  7. generosity
  8. honesty
  9. patience
  10. independence
  11. tolerance
  12. desire to explore

Examples of values ​​and beliefs

Beliefs and values ​​that have prevailed for thousands of years are being challenged like never before.”-Christ

Below are my core personal beliefs and values ​​and what they mean to me.

  1. Responsibilityis accountable and accountable for our conduct; this is how we build trust in others.
  2. recognitionrecognizing and appreciating the good qualities of someone or something and everything that life offers. When you have an open heart filled with love, gratitude, and appreciation, the universe cannot stop what you want.
  3. authenticityit's honest, real and authentic. We show our true selves and we don't give up our values ​​to be accepted by others.
  4. creativityYou can go beyond traditional ideas and create new meaningful and unexpected ideas by tapping into our imagination.
  5. reliabilityIt shows that we are reliable and trustworthy. People know they can count on us.
  6. Focus Focuses on a specific activity and devotes full attention to it. If you can focus on a specific outcome, you will be successful most of the time.
  7. generosityhe is selfless, friendly, and willing to share. Your satisfaction is priceless when you make someone's life a little better. The best way to be happy is to bring happiness to others.
  8. honestybe truthful, sincere and free from deceit or fraud. We not only deceive others, but ourselves when we are dishonest, and we earn the respect of others when we are honest and feel good about ourselves.
  9. patienceYou can accept difficulties or suffering without getting angry or upset. Practicing patience with others involves two things: compassion and acceptance.
  10. independenceIt depends on our strengths and resources and not on those of others. When we trust ourselves, we become strong. Those who give their best in life realize early on that no one is going to save them.
  11. toleranceYou are willing to accept another person's opinion or behavior that you don't necessarily agree with, which allows you to be open.
  12. desire to explore– We are open and willing to hear new ideas andtry new thingsthat allow us to live exciting lives full of rich and fulfilling experiences.

thoughts to think about What are your values ​​and beliefs? What are your core personal values ​​and beliefs? What values ​​and beliefs have guided your life and how do you see them influencing your future?

What would you be willing to defend? Think about these questions and change your life!

About the author: Cathy Taughinbaugh writes about addiction, recovery and treatmentCathy Taughinbaugh

I design my startups around my personal beliefs and values.”-cindy gallop

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