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What is Pinegroove?

Pinegroove is aindependent music collectioncurated by Francesco Biondi, Italian producer and composer. Over the last 10 years this collection has established its presence in the royalty free music industry and is distinguished by its high quality, exclusive catalog offered on some of the major licensing platforms.

What is a royalty free sync license?

free kingdom' generally refers to a licensing process whereby music rights are sold to aFlat rate for almost all purposes: This is in contrast to rights-managed licenses, where a music license is calculated based on how the track is used. Licenses subject to licensing often come with usage restrictions such as duration, regions, audience size, and more.

The Pingroove catalog is divided into several inventory pages, which generally aroyalty-free offering🇧🇷 That means there isWithout time limitit's yoursDating is good for lifeof the original project for which it was awarded. We have chosen to release our music on a variety of licensing platforms (see links below) to allow our customers to choose their preferred licensing model and terms so they can find a specific market that best suits their projects or suitable is. . Either way, from YouTube to traditional streaming, you can use our music in a variety of media anywhere in the world, but it's in our best interest that you only pay for what you need.

A simple rule of thumb to understand the royalty-free model is that you can do whatever you want with the music, depending on the type of license you choose.other than reselling the track as your own artwork(even if you change it or sing it).

Is your music digitized?

For years we have hesitated to register our music with a fingerprint system. how can you knowContent Labelingis a popular fingerprinting system that music producers can useIdentify and manage your copyrighted content on YouTube.

However, as our music becomes more widespread on the internet and exposed to fraudulent exploitation and copyright theft on a daily basis, we have decided to register part of our portfolio with a content ID (based on Identityy by Haawk).to protect our work and especially that of our customers🇧🇷 The risk was that if we hadn't signed up, some scammers would have signed up for us, preventing us from intervening quickly and helping our customers with copyright disputes.

Content ID has been a reality for a while now and content creators around the world have learned to deal with it and easily manage their videos on Youtube.Clearing a claim on YouTube is a very easy and common task these days., especially when the song's original composer is in control. Many customers are already doing this themselves, simply by uploading their licenses to YouTube without even contacting the author. In any case, we are always here to help you with any questions.

Learn more by clicking here.

Can I monetize my YouTube videos if I use music from your site?

Yes, of course, as long as you have purchased a license for a title, you always have the right to monetize your YouTube videos.

Are your tracks available in multiple versions?

All titles in our catalog are also available ondifferent editions, includedFinal cuts of 30 and 60 seconds,cycleversions andspike.

Many of our partner marketplaces offer multiple versions of our track - Luckstock, Pond5, Motion Elements, are just a few. If you can't find the alternative version you're looking for, feel free to do so Contact us here.

Is it possible to buy a license directly from

Unfortunately no, this is not an e-commerce site. We only trust our partners' licensing platforms to distribute our music (see list below). This website was created solely to represent our music and to offer our customers free assistance in choosing the perfect licenses and music for their projects.

I love one of your topics but it doesn't quite fit my project: can you help me?

Yes, we are always willing to help our clients adapt our music to their projects.Adjusting lengths, structures, dynamics and texts: We can easily do the work for you without having to order poles or try rudimentary solutions. All our tracks are editable:Contact usfor an individual service offer.

Do you work on a contract basis?

Yes, we are always available for personalized music work and work with fast turnaround times and competitive prices.Contact usfor an individual service offer.

Can I sample one of your songs to create a new original work?

Knapp,no🇧🇷 Our work is basically focused on creating music productions to be used synchronously with audiovisual content. The licenses that you will find on our partners' sites (Audiojungle, Pond5, Luckstock Etch…) are thereforelimited to this synchronization purpose, or general public communication in general.

Testing a track and reselling it as a new product goes beyond just a sync licenseand representeda type of use that must be discussed separately🇧🇷 Therefore, our invitation is not to buy a royalty-free standard license with the intention of modifying it or singing it and turning it into your own work of art. Similar attempts to appropriate any part or part of it without permission or without an individual contract will be immediately blocked with legal action.

the right course of actionobtain a sample licensecontact us by emailInclude as much detail as possible about your project: who you are, who your label is, what section of the song will be sampled, how many seconds the sample will last, total recording time, how many units you want to create/distribute, and what types of media you will use (CD, ringtone, broadcasts, etc.). With this in mind, we invite you to readthis articlecarefully.

Can I use your music as a background for a podcast or audio book?

yes while youDon't plan to sell your podcast through some music distribution partners(Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube Music, Deezer, Pandora, Amazon Music, etc.) and wheneverAvoid recording your podcast with any kind of fingerprinting system(YouTube Content ID, Shazam, etc.). Such behavior will force us to issue a DMCA notice for your content.

Instead, you can send your podcast directly to yoursprivate pages,social networks, or anyPlatform entirely dedicated to audiobooks and podcasts.

Here is a list of our most trusted license resellers:

License Information | Pinegroove music library (2) a microstock portal entirely dedicated to music. The best offers and a wide range of genres where multiple versions of our themes and music packs are available.

License Information | Pinegroove music library (3) The group's music provider, Envato, offers five different licenses, ranging from the lowest price for web sharing to theatrical releases. Each license is specifically created to meet the unique needs of production music users.

License Information | Pinegroove music library (4)

estanque5.comoffers three different licenses (Individual, Business, Premium) based on the number of people entitled to use the music. The best option for large corporate agencies. Several versions of our tracks available.

License Information | Pinegroove music library (5)

rubber trackIt's our second home: the best prices guaranteed without intermediaries. We have created 4 different license levels and if you followour youtube channelYou can find more discounts for this platform.

License Information | Pinegroove music library (6) Asia's leading microstock marketplace for video creators worldwide. It offers a fully localized experience for media buyers and sellers in Asia and the world. Several versions of our tracks available.

License Information | Pinegroove music library (7) The largest collection of HTML templates, WordPress and eCommerce themes recently introduced a new music section with easy licensing options. Part of our catalog is also included in yoursMonstruoONESubscription plan


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